• About Portable Power Station
    Apr 14, 2023
      Portable Power Station (Portable energy storage outdoor power supply), core device lithium battery, first of all, fully consider the actual needs of indoor and outdoor in terms of volume, smaller size design, compared with traditional lead-acid batteries smaller and lighter, easy to use and carry. In terms of safety, energy saving and environmental protection, the traditional lead-acid battery is abandoned, no noise and no pollution, and has excellent safety performance. At the same time, many characteristics such as high storage energy density, large capacity, stable performance, and long cycle life have become the crystallization of wisdom under the development of modern manufacturing industry. And under the high-quality life, it can better meet the small household appliances used in home life to boil water and cook, and can also be used for power supply needs of daily consumer electronic products.   Points to choose outdoor power supply There are two main points to look at when purchasing an outdoor power supply: one is the capacity of the power supply (Wh watt-hour), and the other is the power supply (W watts). The capacity of the power supply determines the length of available power, the larger the capacity, the more power and the longer the use time. The power of the power supply determines the types of electrical appliances that can be used. For example, an outdoor power supply with a rated power of 1800W can drive electrical appliances below 1800W. At the same time, this formula (watt-hour ÷ power = available time of electrical appliances) can be used to calculate the available time of electrical appliances under different capacity power sources. Outdoor Power Usage Scenarios Now we have a certain understanding of the capacity and power of the power supply. Next, we can choose according to the number of users, electrical appliances, and usage scenarios. Scenarios for using outdoor power supplies can generally be divided into two types: leisure camping/self-driving travel, and their characteristics and requirements are summarized as follows: Leisure camping: 1-2 days of camping: the camping scene is to invite three or five friends to go camping on weekends. Estimated electrical equipment: mobile phones, speakers, projectors, cameras, Switches, electric fans, etc. Keywords: short distance, leisure, entertainment. Because the camping time is short (two days and one night), the demand for electricity is not strong, and it only needs to meet part of the entertainment, so it is recommended to choose a small-capacity power supply. Travel by car: If you choose to travel by car, you don’t have to be too strict about the weight of the power supply, but you are more concerned about the capacity/power of the power supply. Compared with leisure camping, self-driving travel has more time and more usage scenarios, including: car refrigerators, rice cookers, electric blankets, kettles, computers, projectors, drones, cameras and other high-power electrical appliances.  Charging method: At present, the mainstream charging methods include municipal electricity charging, car port charging and solar energy. In addition to the mains interface as a basic accessory, other charging methods may require the purchase of corresponding charging accessories. If you stay outdoors for a long time, it is still necessary to support the solar panel charging interface.ESUN also provide the optional solar panel for you to choose equip with the power station and charge anytime when you have a good solar condition.   Output Interface: Usually necessary are USB-A, Type-C, and AC output and DC interface. USB-A port, supports mobile devices. Type-C supports PD fast charging protocol devices such as mobile phones and notebooks to improve the charging efficiency of mobile devices. The AC interface provides AC 220V voltage and supports most electronic equipment such as sockets. The DC interface can provide car charger power supply or other devices that support 12V power supply.   Volume and weight:   Outdoor power supplies are generally made of lithium batteries. Outdoor power station require higher power and larger capacity, requiring more lithium batteries to be combined in series, thereby increasing the volume and weight of outdoor power supplies. When choosing an outdoor mobile power station, you can choose an outdoor power supply product with the same capacity and smaller weight and volume.   Capacity Zhceenergy have: 300W/650W/1000W/2000W/3000W/5000W  Please feel free to contact us for further question  
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  • What is outdoor power supply (energy storage)?
    May 30, 2023
    What is outdoor power supply (energy storage)?   Outdoor power supply is a kind of portable power station, which uses portable solar panels to charge the battery, and the stored electric energy can be used to charge or operate other devices. energy storage power supply. Outdoor power supplies are popular in outdoor camping, RV travel, outdoor live broadcast, outdoor construction, location shooting and emergency backup power supply. Equivalent to a small portable charging station, it has the characteristics of light weight, large capacity, high power, long life and strong stability. It can also output common power interfaces such as DC and AC, which can supply power for laptops, drones, photography lights, projectors, rice cookers, electric fans, kettles and other equipment.   What are the advantages compared with tradtional generators? 1. Outdoor power supplies are less noisy. 2. Traditional generators run on fossil fuels, which contribute to air pollution and climate change. As an added bonus, you get solar power for free instead of expensive fossil fuels. 3. Easy to use as they require no oiling, refueling, starting and maintenance. Just turn it on, connect your device and draw power from it 4. Wear and tear on moving parts in emergency generators can lead to high maintenance costs. Solar generators have no moving parts and do not rely on natural gas to generate electricity. This design helps reduce the likelihood of paying for repairs. 5. Lighter than traditional gas generators, it's ideal for outdoor activities, camping, emergencies, and general mobility. Some of them even feature luggage-like pulls for enhanced portability.   We wanted to offer a variety of choices that will fit both your needs and your budget.     
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