• Explore the future of new energy and participate in Global Sources Hong Kong Exhibition Phase II
    Apr 24, 2024
    From April 18 to 21, 2024, our company participated in the second phase of the Global Sources Hong Kong Exhibition held at AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong, and once again set foot on the stage of the Global Sources Hong Kong Exhibition to explore the frontier of new energy with global merchants. Compared with last year's autumn exhibition, this year's exhibition attracted more merchants, especially the increase in European and American merchants. Compared with previous years, the number of merchants from Europe and the United States has increased significantly this year. Not only that, there are still a large number of exhibitors from Asia, and buyers from Europe such as Germany and South Africa are coming one after another. It was a pleasure to negotiate with these customers, and we felt the resonance and potential for cooperation during the exchanges. During the exhibition, we fully demonstrated the unique charm of our products: rack-mounted energy storage, wall-mounted energy storage, portable energy storage and other new energy products, attracting the attention of many customers. Our products not only reach the industry-leading level in performance, but also meet the needs of different customer groups in terms of design and functionality. Through in-depth exchanges with customers from different countries and regions, we have a deeper understanding of the needs and trends of local markets, which has pointed out the direction for our future development. The successful holding of the exhibition not only demonstrated our company's strength in the field of new energy, but also laid a solid foundation for us to work hand in hand with global merchants to create a better future.
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